Our services at TNT Amusements include arcade games for sale, in home delivery and set-up as well as the full parts and repair we offer on each of our arcade games sold. We pride ourselves on having the largest selection of not only games from arcades for sale, but having the highest quality and reconditioned arcade games in not only the Philadelphia area, but in the world.

Along with our massive arcade game selection we offer quick repair on any pinball and arcade game we sell. So, when you need arcade games repair or pinball game repair, look no further than the arcade games specialists TNT Amusements in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Largest Selection of For Sale Arcade Games

We have the largest selection of video games from arcades for sale in not only Philadelphia and Bucks County, but in the world! Not only are the arcade games we have for sale extensive, but they are also completely restored to be in the best possible working order. The over 2,000 arcade games that we have for sale are truly reconditioned, and go through a rigorous 51 point check list to assure 100% quality.

Pinball Machine Repair for Bucks County & Philadelphia

Once you purchase arcade games or a pinball machine from us, in the event that something needs repaired or a part needs replacing, we offer the best available arcade games repair specialists and pinball game repair specialists.

Our pinball game repair specialists at TNT Amusements in Bucks County offer quick and professional pinball game repair for both new and used games. Along with our arcade games repair and pinball game repair we offer an incredible service plan on all of our game products. This 5 year service plan includes the free 30 day parts and labor warranty. Along with that we also include our 5 Year low cost service plan FREE.

PLEASE NOTE—Arcade Video Machines in 2003 and newer use a hard drive and computer.  Sadly, these components are not made like the older game electronics and do not hold up well.  We can no longer include ANY of these machines in our 5 year service plan.  If you have a failure, it will have to be repaired based on the FACTORY costs–which can greatly vary!  The GOOD news is pinball machines do NOT fall into this catagory–they ARE covered!  PLUS, most of the machines we do sell are manufactured before 2004 anyway!!!

If anything fails on your game (excluding acts of nature or vandalism), we will fix or repair components at the following rates:

**NOT COVERED in the 5-year plan** : Antique Jukeboxes, hard drives in deluxe or countertop games,  Arcade Games made after 2003, touchscreens, large screen TV’s, LCD flat screens, CD players in jukeboxes and dollar bill acceptors. These will be repaired at current market rates.  Games being used commercially (not in a private home) also must pay market repair rates.  Of course, our company can provide the service!

Free Phone Service for Arcade Games Repair

We know that your arcade games or pinball game machine needing serviced can be an inconvenience. This is why we offer free phone service tips to our Philadelphia and Bucks County customers. We have found that 90% of the time, all of the problems on machines you have purchased through us can be fixed with a simple phone call. We offer this service free to you!

In Home Delivery and Set Up for Bucks County & Philadelphia

Not only do our arcade game services including the sale and repair of arcade games but also the in-home delivery and set up! All of the arcade games for sale in our showroom are able to be delivered right to your door and set up in your home if you are in the local area of Bucks County. This includes Philadelphia, Chester County, Montgomery County and Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

We can also arrange for a professional trucking company to pick up the machine from us and deliver it to your curb anywhere in the USA. This charge can range from $200 to $600, depending on the size of the machine and your distance from TNT.  We now have a delivery service to almost any seaport in the world for a flat $600 including special palleting and power conversion to the needed voltage!  We use heavy strapping material and wrap the machine in both cardboard and wrap to prevent damage.

Contact Us for Pinball Game Repair & Arcade Games Repair

If you are looking for the largest selection of arcade games for sale or are in need of pinball game repair or arcade games repair, contact us at TNT Amusements in Bucks County. Our services are both local for the Bucks County, Philadelphia, Delaware County, Montgomery County and Chester County, PA and national!