Inventory: Video Game Marquees

Arcade Video Game Marquees are the signs that light up on the tops of all arcade games you see!  These are flat pieces of plexiglass (some are glass and some are mylar).  We had several thousand of these that were removed from games that were junked, discarded, or converted to other games.  Here is a chance to own a bit of arcade history!
THESE WILL LOOK GREAT on your WALL at home–in your arcade, family room, etc…you can FRAME them, light them from behind, or even put them in your game as a replacement!  You will NEVER see such a selection again in the USA We will erase these as they sell out forever…so the list will be pretty current!  Remember to email us for PICTURES.
NOTE THAT IF YOU SEE A (m) BEFORE THE PRICE, IT MEANS ITS MADE OUT OF MYLAR–which is a flexible material that is normally mounted BEHIND a piece of clear plexiglass.  We do not include the plexiglass–so if you planned on hanging this on the wall, you will have to hang them differently.  If you live overseas, we can gently fold the mylar so it will fit into a smaller box and if your order is under 4 pounds, we can ship the cheaper 1st class mail!
We have a flat $15 charge to ship in USA one to ten marquees–this covers packing and handling and priority mail!
3 Count Bout $20
10 Yard fight $10
A & G Skill Crane $10
All American Football $10 Brand new
Alley Master $10 Brand new, 1 used @$5
 American Horseshoes (m) $10
Ameridarts (m) $10
Amidar $10 Rare but very scratchy
Arch Rivals $10
Baseball the Season (m)  $10 (I have TWO mounted on plexiglass same price)
Big Event Golf (m) $10
Birdie King 2 $10 1 brand new, 2 used @$5
Birdie King 3 (m) $10
Blitz (NFL) (m) $10 some cracks
Blood Storm (m) $10
Bottom of the Ninth (m)  $10
Bozo the Clown Basketball (m) $10
Breakthru $10
BullBuster $10
Capcom Bowling $10 – also have one mylar same price
Champion Baseball (either Sega or Wico) $5
Championship Baseball II $20
Championship Sprint (m) $20
Championship Wrestler (m) $10
Chase H.Q $20
Clutch Hitter (m) $10
Combatribes (m) $10 with some paint stains…also one new for $25
Coming Soon (put on a new game) this is actually new too $10
Crime Fighters (m) $10
Crown’s Golf $5
Crown’s Golf in Hawaii $10
Crush Roller Cabaret $10
Dark Adventure (m) $10
Double Dribble (m) $10
Double Play home run derby $10
Dual/Uni/VS $20
Eight Ball Action $10
F-1 Dream –Brand New, but some minor surface scratches  $20
Fighting Golf $5
Four Play $10
Gladiator (m) $20 -also one on plexiglass same price
Gobbler (m) $10
Golden Tee 3D Golf (m) $5
Golden Tee 98 (m) $5
Golden Tee 98 Tournament Edition (m) $5
Golden Tee Fore (m) $5
Golden Tee Fore 2002 (m) $5
Golden Tee Fore 2003 (m) $5
Golden Tee Fore 2004 (m) $5
Grand Champion $10
Greyhound Video $10
Great 1000 Mile Rally (m) $20
Guardians of the ‘Hood $10  new mylar
H.B.’s Olympics $ 10
Hangman $10
Hard Yardage (m) $10
High Impact Football (m) $10
Ikari III The Rescue $10
Jailbreak $10
Jungle Hunt $20 minor scratches
Kick! (kickman) rare CABARET wraparound marquee! $20
King of the Fighters – used-$15 and new (m) $20
Kissing Kupids $10
Konami GT (New with protective cover on front) $20
M.A.C.H. 3 $10 laser disc game
Make Trax $20 brand new–also used $10
Make Trax cabaret $10
Martial Champion (m) $10 also slightly damaged @$5
Match ’em Up $5 brand new original
Megatouch Gold (m) $10
Mega Zone $10
Mercs $10- also NEW $20
Metrocross (m) $10
Mini Golf – Sente (m) $10 also slightly damaged @$5
Monaco GP $20
Mortal Kombat 2 (m) cracked $10
MVP $10
Name That Tune (Sente system) (m) $10
NBA JAM (m) $10
Night Stocker (Sente System) (m) $10 Also slightly damaged @$5
Nintendo VS system $10 For pac-man conversion-this has border top and bottom
and you put the VS game marquee in clear area!
Nintendo Playchoice (m) $30 brand new
Off Road (Ivan Stewarts) Very large (m) $10
Operation Wolf  brand new $30
Outrun $30
P.O.W. $20 brand new– also used @$10
Phraze Craze $5 brand new, or 2 for $5 used! also 1 mylar
PGA Tournament Golf (m) $10
Pit & Run $10
Pit Boss (m) $10
Pit Boss Superstar (m) $10
Pit-Fighter (m) $10
Playchoice 10 $30 brand new
Playchoice Ten – used $20
Pole Position (m) has creases and scrapes $10
Pole Position 2 -glass-good shape $30
Qix – Glass scratches $10
Quarterback $10 brand new, also used @$5
Quartet 2 $10
Relief Pitcher (m) $10
Renegade (m) $10
Revenge From Doh—cracked in several places, but repaired. $10
Rim Rockin Basketball (m) $10
Road Fighters $10
Rough Rangers $10
Run and Gun $10 w/slight crack
Scorpion Darts $10
Shooting Master $10
Shoot Out $10
Shuffle Shot (m)$10
Simpsons (m) cracks $10
Skill Crane $10
Speed Up – namco cockpit driver (m) – $10
Spiker (sente system) (m) $10 also damaged $5
Sport Jam (m) $10
Stocker (m) $10 cracks – Sente System
Street Football (m)  $10 sente system
Street Smart $20 brand new –one used two small corners missing $10
Strike Zone $10
Super Basketball $10 brand new, also used @$5
Super High Impact (m) $10
Superman (m) $30
Super Major League (m) $10
Super Street Fighter 2- new challenge $20
Tekken 4 (m)  corner missing  $10
The Glob $10
The Main Event (m) $10  (Wrestling)
The Storm (m) $10 also slightly damaged @$5
Tic-Tac-Trivia $5 brand new!! Used 2 for $5
Time Killers (m) $10
Time Soldiers $20
Tomahawk 777 (curved version) $20
Top Speed $20
Touchdown Fever $10
Tough Turf $10
Tri Sports $10
Trivia Whiz $5 brand new, also used 2 for $5
Trivial Pursuit Vol. 1 (m) $10 – sente systemTwin Eagle $10
V’ball (m) $10
Video Entertainment $5 Generic color marquee
Video Trivia $5
Violence Fight (m) $10
Vulgus $10
VS. Baseball (m)  $5 brand new
VS. Golf $10 brand new also used $5
VS. Hogan’s Alley $5
VS. Tennis (m) $10 brand new
VS. TKO Boxing (m) $10
Wheel Of Fortune $20
World Series (m) $5
Wrestle War $10
WWF WrestleFest – $20
Yie Ar Kung Fu  $20– also one brand new one for $40