Inventory: Skeeball Machines!

Classic Skeeball machines have become a rare commodity. All are 10ft long, have bull’s-eye rings and are painted red. Newer machines have additional 100 point rings in the top corners. Occasionally, 13 ft units turn up. Some also with the additional 100 point rings.




Skeeball Extreme 10 ft—classic style in nice cabinet–1 left now $2,799
Skeeball Classic (with netting)


10 ft Original GREEN Bed-no 100 pockets $3299

10 ft Red bed–no 100 pockets  $3399

10 ft (1 left) or 13 ft  (2 left) Red Bed–100 pockets $3899

Alley Hoops 10 ft—neat version uses small basketball hoops instead of holes! $2,399
Skat Cats 10ft—Another version of classic Skeeball–knock down the cats! $2,199
Skeeball Lightning 10ft —very flashy! with color display and corner pockets $2,999

Our reconditioned units are highly recommended and backed with our exclusive 5 year service plan! Skeeballs are also available for shipping to any of the continuous 48 states.