Inventory: Shuffle Bowling Alleys

We always have six different shuffle alleys in stock in our warehouse starting at $1,999. All Electronic means SUPER DEPENDABLE. All shuffle bowlers play five different games and are six player. Ideally, our own trucks can deliver these to you locally.  This cost is $50 to $250 depending on how far away you are to our Southampton PA location.  If you are further away, we can crate the machine and ship it by truck to you!  Crating is $35 and shipping runs between $400 and $600 in the 48 states.  The machine arrives in two pieces…so its easy to carry inside and put together in the room you want it in.  It’s just half a dozen plug connections and 8 bolts and within 20 minutes, you will be playing!

Old Style

These machines are 30″ wide, 102 inches long, 70 to 72 inches tall, They have 2″ side rails and peg legs in front.



In Showroom

Big Strike $2199   yes
King Tut $2099
Topaz $1999

Modern Style

27″ wide, 103 inches long, 72 inches tall. The 2 side rails have been eliminated so drinks cannot be spilled. Speech and Real Bowling Alley Sounds. Flash Lamps add extra excitement.




In Showroom

Alley Cats $2899 Cats bowling in back alley SOLD OUT currently
Gold Mine $2,899 Miner in a gold mine
League Champ $4,299

Hardest One to find! Buy one working but as is and recondition it yourself

for $3200–see it in showroom NOW!

Shuffle Inn $2,999 Western Bar Setting–mirrored backglass  yes
Strike Master $3,599

Dot Matrix Display-Buy as is working fine for $2600 and recondition it yourself!

See it in Showroom NOW!

Strike Zone $2,699 First of the new style cabinet–SOLD OUT currently
Tic Tac Strike $2,799 Honky-tonk Theme –SOLD OUT currently
Top Dawg $2,999 Dogs flying old airplanes!  SOLD OUT currently

*Sometimes we have an alley with a playfield that has some minor dings in it.  These machines are offered with a discount.  Inquire

ASSEMBLY is  E A S Y  too! Watch these videos and see how its done!

Assembly  of Strikemaster.

Assembly and Disassembly of older style alley.

How we PACK a Shuffle Alley to ship out of state!