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Pinball Notes

 In Showroom
Baywatch Sega 1995 $3,499 based on TV show, 4 flippers, and team play make this terrific!
Beat the Clock Bally 1986 $1,999 Olympics style, timed ball
Big Game Stern 1979 $1,999 Wide body–lots of drop targets!
Big Guns Williams 1987 $2,399 Medieval Theme with backbox animation!
Black Pyramid Bally 1983 $1,799 Swinging Target in Center
Black Sheep Squadron Astro 1979 $1,799 Very rare —based on TV show?  Chime Coils! yes
Bullseye 301 Grand 1980 $1,899 Conversion Dart Themed game for Bally yes
Cactus Jacks Gottlieb 1990 $2,999 Watch the Dancing Cactus in this FUN game!
Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind Gottlieb 1978 $1,699 Space Theme based on Speilberg movie!
Contact Williams 1978 $1,999 Unusual wide body machine with “double action”  flippers!
Cue Ball Wizard Gottlieb 1993 $2,999 Pool Table Classic has two full size Pool Balls too!
Disco Fever Williams 1978 $1,999 John Travolta disco classic!
Eight Ball Bally 1977 $2,399 Fonzie Classic ….just terrific!
Eight Ball Deluxe Bally 1981 $4,499 BRAND NEW PLAYFIELD!  Its a beauty! yes
Flight 2000 Stern 1981 $2,199 Wide-body Multi-ball Classic yes
Future Spa Bally 1982 $1,999 Wide Body game thats hard to find these days!
Gold Wings Gottlieb 1986 $1,999 Looks Like Top Gun- Topper Extra $100
Hard Body Bally 1987 $1,999 Two levels of action… 4 flippers –gym theme
Ice Fever Gottlieb 1982 $1,999 Hockey Theme – moving puck in backglass
Jacks to Open Gottlieb 1983 $2,199 Classic Card Theme Game! yes
James Bond 007 Gottlieb 1981 $2,599 Wide body game based on 1980 James Bond movie
Jungle Lord Williams 1981 $2,199 Multi-ball, Multi-level, Magna-Save, Classic
Last Action Hero Data East 194 $2,999 Based on movie, this game has a moving crane and tons of neat stuff! yes
KISS Stern 2015 $5,499 PRO Edition ships soon!!!  Brand NEW! IN STOCK!
KISS Stern 2015 $8,399 LIMITED EDITION edition….Brand New IN STOCK!
Lightning Stern 1980 $2,199 Multi-level, Multi-ball, Talks
Medieval Madness Williams 2015 $8,799 LE Limited Edition!  Choose GOLD, BLACK or SILVER—shippingsoon.  PRO edition coming out in Fall
Metallica – Pro Edition Stern 2013 $4,999 New In Crate–based on Rock Group
Metallica-Pro-LED Edition Stern 2014 $5,399 New In Crate–in our warehouse now and ready for immediate delivery!
Mustang Pro Stern 2014 $5,099 Brand New–based on classic car!
Mustang LE Stern 2014 $7,399 Brand New
NBA Fastbreak Bally 1996 $3,499 Terrific Basketball Theme game with moving net! yes
Panthera Gottlieb 1980 $1,999 Tiger Theme – Computer Controlled Targets
Party Animal Bally 1987 $2,499 Terrific Ultimate Party Pinball with Jukebox on playfield! yes
Phoenix Williams 1977 $1,799 Good Basic Pinball
Playboy Bally 1979 $2,499 Original Classic–in very good cond  yes
Power Play Bally 1977 $2,299 Bobby Orr Hockey Classic…hard to find!
Rescue 911 Gottlieb 1994 $2,999 Moving Helicopter on this terrific game! yes
Roller Disco Gottlieb 1979 $2299 Beautiful, Ready to Go yes
Shaq Attaq Gottlieb 1993 $2,699 Terrific Shaquille O’Neal machine with moving Hoop & 4 flippers, terrific action, great sound!  yes
Sharpshooter 2 Game Plan 1983 $1,999 Gunslinger classic–the second run! Only 600 made! yes
Sinbad Gottlieb 1977 $1,999 Lots of Drop Targets, 4 Flippers
Sharkey’s Shootout Stern 2000 $3,799  Play Pool with Jeanette Lee!  Similar to 8 Ball Deluxe
Slugfest Williams 1991 $2,799 Classic Pitch and Bat Baseball Game! yes
Solar Ride Gottlieb 1979 $1,799 classic style pinball, with space theme
Speakeasy Bally 1982 $2,499 Rare 2 player pool theme classic!  Smaller size head fits better!
Star Trek Bally 1979 $2,199 Based on the 1979 movie with the original TV cast!  yes
Star Trek – Pro Edition Stern 2013 $5,299 New In Crate–based on new feature film
Star Trek – Premium Stern 2014 $7,299 NEW in Crate  IN OUR WAREHOUSE–IN STOCK
Star Wars Episode One Williams 1999 $4,599 Williams last machine is Terrific-LCD Monitor too! yes
Strikes and Spares Gottlieb 1996 $1,999 NON Pinball style, like Shuffle Bowling, with little bowling pins
Theater Of Magic Bally 1994 $12,000 In my home since new–never find a nicer one!
Time Warp Williams 1979 $1,799 Banana Flippers, space theme is nice!
Torch Gottlieb 1979 $1,799 Olympic theme pinball
Transformers Autobot Stern 2012 $6,699 BRAND NEW! Limited Edition w/ certificate-
Tri Zone Williams 1979 $1,799 Space Theme Basic Pinball
Walking Dead Pro Stern 2014 $5,099 New In Crate–based on hit TV show
Walking Dead Premium Stern 2014 $7,299 Almost identical to the LE, IN STOCK in our warehouse for immediate delivery!
Wild Fyre Stern 1978 $1,799 Chariots Galore in this old school game with drop targets!
Wizard Of Oz Jersey Jack 2014 $8,199 Available NOW!!
Wizard of Oz Jersey Jack 2014 $8,599 Available NOW!  With special glare free glass and shaker motor–in our warehouse for immediate delivery!  yes
Wizard Of Oz Ruby Jersey jack 2014 $9,299 Available NOW!  (Add $200 more for shaker motor)
Wrestlemania Pro Stern 2015 $5,099 Available IMMEDIATELY! Come in and play!  yes
Wrestlemania LE Stern 2015 TBA not released yet—the Limited Edition
Xenon Bally 1981 $2,999 Sci-Fi Classic – Terrific ON HOLD yes

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