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Pinball Notes about machine!

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Austin Powers Stern 2004 $4,999 cult classic!  On Sale for $4499 until October 1! yes
Avengers Stern 2012 $5,999 Like New!! Just traded in–its the one in the video attached!  On Sale for $5499 until October 1! yes
Bullseye 301 Pinstar/Bally 1986 $1,999 Dart themed game (Buy AS IS for $700)  yes
Car Hop Gottlieb 1989 $2,999 Terrific 50’s theme…with old fashioned scoring option! yes
Class of 1812 Gottlieb 1990 $4,199 Modern Classic–Amazing!
Close Encounters Gottlieb 1978 $1,999 Nice…and READY TO GO with LED’s yes
Comet Williams 1986 $3,199 Classic Amusement Park Theme  yes
Contact Williams 1978 $1,999 Unusual wide body machine with “double action”  flippers!
Creature from the Black Lagoon Bally 1995 $8,999 Stunning…with full color display! yes
Eight Ball Bally 1977 $2,499 Fonzie Classic!! One left!
Fireball Classic Bally 1985 $3,499 Beautiful Condition Reissue of Multiball Classic On sale for $2999 until October 1! yes
Game Of Thrones Stern 2015 $5,499 Brand new IN STOCK NOW! COME IN AND PLAY! (LE is $8399)  No premiums left. yes
Game Of Thrones PREMIUM Stern 2015 $7,399 Premium Edition…stunning! IN STOCK
Ghostbusters Stern 2016 $5,699 Pro $5699 AVAILABLE NOW, Premium $7199 due in end of August now— LE –are sold out–  yes
The Hobbit Jersey Jack 2016 $7,999 Coming in Summer-Standard Edition
Hobbit-Limited Edition Jersey Jack 2016 $8,699


Limited Edition–1500 made

Hobbit-SMAUG GOLD Jersey Jack 2016 $9,199 IN SHOWROOM NOW–COME AND PLAY!  yes
Hollywood Heat Gottlieb 1988 $2,299 Terrific 4 flipper game
James Bond 007 Gottlieb 1981 $2,599 Wide body game based on 1980 James Bond movie
KISS Stern 2015 $5,599 PRO Edition IN STOCK NOW!  Brand NEW! DELIVER TOMORROW
KISS LE Stern 2015 $8,399 LIMITED EDITION edition….Brand New IN STOCK! Deliver TOMORROW. Pay with CHECK and get it for $8199!
Laser Ball Williams 1979 $2,199 Rare Wide Body Space Theme yes
Medieval Madness Chicago Gaming 2016 $8,199 Brand New–standard edition–silver trim
Metallica Pro LED Stern 2015 $5,799 Back in stock in our warehouse!
Metallica MONSTER Stern 2015 $7,399 The MONSTER Edition–IN STOCK
Monday Night Football Data East 1989 $3,599 The Ultimate Football Pinball yes
Monopoly Stern 2001 $4,199 Beautiful and fun game!  ON SALE for $3799 until October 1! yes
Mr and Mrs Pacman Bally 1982 $2,399 Based on classic Video Game!
Rescue 911 Gottlieb 1994 $2,999 Moving Helicopter on this terrific game!
Roller Coaster Tycoon Stern 2002 $4,399 Looking for a perfect one?  Home Use Only! ON SALE FOR $3999 until October 1! yes
Safecracker–Like NEW! Bally 1997 $11,000 NEVER a nicer one out there!Private home since new–ready for shipment!  ON SALE FOR $10,199 until October 1!  yes
Shaq Attaq Gottlieb 1994 $2,799 Moving Basketball hoop!
Sharpshooter Game Plan 1983 $1,999

Gunslinger classic–the original

Buy it for $700 as-is

Simpsons Pinball Party Stern 2004 $6,199 Incredibly popular version! yes
Sinbad Gottlieb 1977 $2,399 Classic with lots of drop targets
Solar Ride Gottlieb 1979 $1,999 classic style pinball, with space theme
Sopranos Stern 2005 $5,699 Very good condition! On Sale for $4999 until October 1! yes
Speakeasy Bally 1982 $2,499 Rare 2 player pool theme classic!  Smaller size head fits better!
Spring Break Gottlieb 1988 $2,299 Iconic “spring break” style pinball machine!  yes
Star Trek Premium Stern 2014 $7,399 Brand New!  In stock!
Star Wars Episode One Williams 1999 $4,699 Pinball 2000—new LCD screen too!  On Sale for $4199 until Oct 1! yes
Strikes and Spares Gottlieb 1996 $1,999

NON Pinball style, like Shuffle Bowling, with little bowling pins

We also have a parts machine with no circuit boards and no coin door for $350

Taxi Williams 1989 $3,499 Pick up fares and advance to the end! yes
Torch Gottlieb 1979 $1,999 Olympic theme pinball  yes
Tri Zone Williams 1979 $1,999 Space Theme Basic Pinball
Vacation America! Chicago Gaming 1999 $1500

SPECIAL—sold AS IS…will need work

or shopped for $2699

Walking Dead Pro Stern 2014 $5,499 New In Crate–based on hit TV show-In stock NOW…in our warehouse!
Walking Dead Premium Stern 2014 $7,399 New In Crate and IN STOCK NOW!! Come and Play!  yes
Wild Fyre Stern 1978 $1,999 Chariots Galore in this old school game with drop targets!
Wizard of Oz Jersey Jack 2014 $8,899 Gorgeous!  classic timeless theme! IN STOCK NOW! with Shaker and Inviso glass
Wizard Of Oz Ruby Jersey jack 2014 $9,999  With Shaker Motor and Inviso Glass-IN STOCK NOW
Wizard of Oz GREEN Jersey Jack 2014 $9,299 Special edition–Only 50 made! IN OUR SHOWROOM NOW–come and PLAY! With shaker and Inviso Glass  yes
Wrestlemania Pro Stern 2015 $5,499 Available IMMEDIATELY! In our showroom–Come in and play!  yes

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