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Prices reflect SUPER BRIGHT LED’s Installed!

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Pinball Notes about machine!

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Aerosmith Pro Stern 2017  $5,799 new in box!    
Batman 1966 Stern 2016 $7,999  PREMIUM Edition In Stock NOW!  Come and Play!  LE is sold out and Super LE is $15,000 and only available to purchase direct from Stern     
Bone Busters Inc Gottlieb 1988 $2,599 Great game…but no skull on top yes
Comet Williams 1986 $2,799 Classic Amusement Park Theme  yes  
Dialed In Jersey Jack 2017  $9,199 Pat Lawlor Masterpiece due in soon!
Evel Knievel Home Model Bally 1977 $1,199 Bally made these special smaller home editions–shopped out with LED lighting..looks great! Buy It as is for $900 yes  
Fireball Home Model Bally 1977 $1,199 Bally made these special smaller home editions-shopped out with LED lighting..great starter pinball– Buy it as is for $900 yes  
Game Of Thrones Stern 2015 $5,499 Brand new–can get in a week!    
Game Of Thrones PREMIUM Stern 2015 $7,199 Premium Edition…stunning! In Stock!    
Ghostbusters Stern 2016 $5,699

Pro $5699  available new! IN STOCK NOW!

Premium  Version $7199

Hobbit-SMAUG Edition Jersey Jack 2016 $8,199 GOLD edition! Look at this SPECIAL PRICE for our Showroom Floor Model that’s like brand new! yes  
KISS LE Stern 2015 $8,399 LIMITED EDITION edition-NEW    
KISS PREMIUM Stern 2015 $7,299  The Premium version is  very nice!  (Pro is sold out)
Medieval Madness Chicago Gaming 2016 $8,199 Sold Out right now—sorry    
Metallica Pro LED Stern 2015 $5,799 new!–In Our WAREHOUSE NOW!    
Metallica MONSTER Stern 2015 $7,399 The MONSTER Edition–available new-    
Monte Carlo Gottlieb 1987 $2,399 Casino Theme–Multiball (Add $200 for Top Header) yes
Mr and Mrs Pacman Bally 1982 $2,399 Based on classic Video Game!       
No Good Gofers Williams 1997 $6,999 WOW!  ANOTHER just traded in that we sold brand new to a private home!  STUNNING yes
Rescue 911 Gottlieb 1994 $3,399 Moving Helicopter–terrific fun! yes
Road Show (Red and Ted) Williams 1994 $4,999 Two talking heads!  Buy it AND rerubber and LED yourself and save $1000! yes
ROCK! Gottlieb 1987 $2,499 4 flippers, extra mini playfield, rock and roll theme!
Slugfest Williams 1991 $3,699 Pitch and Bat style classic–terrific! Ready to go! yes  
Solar Ride Gottlieb 1979 $1,999 classic style pinball, with space theme…buy it working but as is, for $1000    
Space Station Williams 1988 $3,699 Beautiful followup for Space Shuttle–NICE!  Buy it working but as is for $2999  yes  
Spring Break Gottlieb 1988 $2,299 Iconic “spring break” style pinball machine!    yes  
Star Trek Pro Stern 2014 $5,699 Brand New!    
Star Wars Pro Stern 2017 $5,899 just out…we expect them in soon!  Come In and Play! yes
Super Mario Brothers Gottlieb 1991 $4,399 Just traded in from 2002 sale—shop it yourself with led’s and as is for $3,999! yes
Time Line Gottlieb 1981 $2,299 4 flippers, lots of drop targets!  Buy it working but as is for $1400 yes
Tri-Zone Williams 1978 $1,999 Space Themed–VERY nice game!    
Torch Gottlieb 1979 $1,999 Olympic theme pinball  Buy working/as is $1200  yes  
Walking Dead Pro Stern 2014 $5,499 New In Crate–based on hit TV show-    
Walking Dead Premium Stern 2014 $7,199 New In Crate     

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